Following on from the election we are talking to More United supporters to work out how we can best give people a way to have a meaningful impact on politics.

6,000 people filled in our first survey. The majority of you are dissatisfied with politics, and want to have a voice on the issues that matter to you. You can read more of the results of the first survey on our website.

This feedback is really important as we plan new ways to give you an impact and a meaningful voice in politics.

In the following questions which expand on our first survey, think about the issues that are important to you. They could be something local, national or international. It could be something initiated by yourself, the More United movement, or another organisation.

What do you currently do to make an impact?

Tick all that apply.

If you're not a member of a political party, why not?

What ways of changing things do you find appealing?

Imagine an issue that matters to you - how would you go about changing it?

I would definitely do this I would consider doing this I wouldn't do this
Adding your name to a petition about an issue that’s important to you
Contacting your MP to ask them to act on an issue important to you
Generating publicity by writing to a local paper about an issue you care about
Meeting your MP in person and asking them to act on an issue that matters to you.
Volunteering to help a local MP work on the issue
Starting your own campaign and getting help and support from More United
Joining up with other More United members in your area to work on an issue
Attending a national march to protest an issue you care about
Donating money to an organisation which is campaigning on issues you want to change
Brainstorming ideas with an MP to achieve a change
Researching an issue that you care about to influence the discussion about it

Is there anything else you would do that's not on the list above?

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